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For uniform exposure of the total body to gamma rays, the effective dose to the total body in mSv, as measured with a personal dosimeter, estimates the equivalent dose to bone marrow.
Research supported by the Life Extension Foundation found that the human equivalent dose of 20 mg of resveratrol combined with 100 mg of grapeseed extract mimicked many of the favorable gene expression effects of caloric restriction.
Younger people given alcohol had a harder time recognizing words from a list read to them 20 minutes earlier, compared with older subjects who received an equivalent dose.
With C-View(TM) software, facilities can offer a better exam at an equivalent dose to 2D alone.
The nanoparticle-mediated expression of stent-targeted genes was shown to be greatly enhanced in treated animals when compared to control groups treated with nanoparticles without using the magnetic conditions, or with an equivalent dose of a conventional gene delivery vector.
An older unit for the equivalent dose, is the rem, still often used in the United States.
By way of background, Sieverts is the SI unit for equivalent dose (H = Dx weighting factor of radiation).
Finally, EGB761 administration normalised cognitive deficits in those rats treated with an equivalent dose of corticosterone.
The DHEA dose was even higher in the one-week arm of the study, where the extrapolated human- equivalent dose of 43,910 mg of DHEA was administered to mice.
An ideal regimen for nocturnal reflux is a 20-mg dose of omeprazole (or an equivalent dose of another proton pump inhibitor) before breakfast, and a second 20-mg dose before dinner, Dr.
Jude researchers developed a formula to calculate each survivor's cumulative treatment exposure to alkylating agents as a cyclophosphamide equivalent dose (CED).

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