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A morphine milligram equivalent dose of about 50 mgs daily appears to be a threshold dose which can provide adequate pain control in a reasonable proportion of those having significant chronic pain, with acceptable safety.
Linear quadratic calculations done for HFRT using Biologic Equivalent Dose (BED) have been found to be equivalent to those performed with the standard regimen using 2 Gy per day fractions3.
Study design: In the present study antitussive, secretolytic, and anti-inflammatory effects of EPs[R] 7630 were assessed in animal experiments following oral administration at human equivalent doses.
Note that equivalent dose ranges for the two drugs were the same, (equivalent dose 20 mg/d (65 patients) or 40 mg/d (65 patients)) because Atorvastatin has twice the effect of simvastatin as shown by Jones et al.
584 mR) and equivalent dose corresponding to this exposure (5.
The RSM* provides ICRU-based ambient equivalent dose measurements.
The researchers found that mice given an equivalent dose of five cups of coffee for a human developed twice the amount of visceral fat - the most dangerous form of fat that collects around the organs in the abdomen.
The study indicated that the buprenorphine pharmacokinetics was identical following multiple BNX films applied at one time compared to an equivalent dose administered as a single film.
NEM was evaluated for cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and oral toxicity (both single acute dose and 90-day repeated-dose) at doses up to 50 times the clinically tested human equivalent dose.
Or he could change you over to an equivalent dose of fluoxetine, which is a similar drug but takes a lot longer for the body to metabolise.
In pigs fed an atherogenic diet, increasing the daily dose of vitamin D3 from 300 IU per day to 900 IU per day (human equivalent dose, based on body weight) increased the severity of atherosclerosis.
For uniform exposure of the total body to gamma rays, the effective dose to the total body in mSv, as measured with a personal dosimeter, estimates the equivalent dose to bone marrow.

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