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EQUIVOCAL. What has a double sense.
     2. In the construction of contracts, it is a general rule that when an expression may be taken in two senses, that shall be preferred which gives it effect. Vide Ambiguity; Construction; Interpretation; and Dig. 22, 1, 4; Id 45, 1, 80; Id. 50, 17, 67.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Shakespearean Words Auspicious B; Castigate C; Dauntless B; Equivocal A; Pedantical C; Refractory B; Sanctimonious A; Unmitigated C.
"Those are the things that can be characterized as equivocal, can be the subject of to interpretations," he said.
Sites of prostate cancer recurrence delineated with 18F-fluciclovine positron emission tomography in patients with negative or equivocal conventional imaging
From their introduction in 2013, equivocal cases, detected at a not negligible frequency of up to 20%, generated uncertainty regarding clinical management, posing the challenge to oncologists of whether to recommend HER2-targeted therapy.
CHICAGO -- The future looks bright for reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) as a tiebreaker to decide whether skin lesions that are equivocal on dermoscopy warrant biopsy to rule out malignancy, Ann M.
Shanks, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and colleagues referred 25 consecutive cases of SUDY from 1 to 40 years of age after a negative or equivocal conventional autopsy (16 and nine participants, respectively) to the Windland Smith Rice Sudden Death Genomics Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic.
The results were similar when concordance was assessed according to negative (0-1+), equivocal (2+), positive (3+) classification (Kendall's tau-b concordance coefficient was 0.911 for Center A; 0.724 for Center C) (Table 3).
Many studies have shown that SPECT/CT reduces the rate of equivocal lesions compared to planar bone scan due to better anatomic localization of lesions and higher lesion-to-background contrast, with increased diagnostic accuracy over SPECT alone or planar scintigraphy alone [2-6].
However, if either the Zika virus or dengue virus tests are positive or equivocal, then there is a presumptive recent Zika virus or dengue virus or Flavivirus infection in the woman, at which point plaque reduction neutralization testing (PRNT) must be conducted.
Results are reported as positive (termed "presumptive positive" to denote the need to perform a confirmatory PRNT), equivocal, negative, or inconclusive (i.e., results uninterpretable because of high background optical density).
"So far, Corbyn's response has been weak and equivocal and only time will tell whether the party are prepared to exorcise their own demons."