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Moreover, for the receptive partner within penetrative anal sex, a hard and erect penis is not "essential" for sexual pleasure.
If the incorrect side of the rolled-up condom is placed on the head of the erect penis and an attempt is made to roll it on, the outer side of the condom may be contaminated with preejaculate.
Feminist theorists like Bordo, Tiefer, and others have given much attention to the erect penis, but not necessarily, how it operates in signification; uniformly men in the United States understand an erection provides "agency to their sexual pleasure," but masculinity and identity become essentialized with potency, virility, and sexual adequacy to its detriment.
The size of erect penis may be slightly shorter than it used to be.
In this way, he makes Firmin's comment ostensibly refer to the guns of the Mexican soldiers, but it subtextually recalls Jacques's erect penis, already referenced earlier in the passage.
Suspect Jakes then began to masturbate his erect penis with his left hand for several seconds while making eye contact with Detective X.
The same goes for Jake and Dinos Chapman's Platinum Joey (1997), which shows an erect penis bursting through the spliced neck of a two-headed, naked girl.
A Christian group has called for the destruction of an artwork depicting Jesus with an erect penis.
The other thing is my erect penis is only six inches long.
A STATUE of Christ with an erect penis has today sparked controversy at a Tyneside art gallery.
According to Vanna Bonta, a poet and space sexpert with a sweet, breathy voice, "Zero gravity could cause a slight decrease in the size of the erect penis because of the heart not working hard, or low blood pressure.
One drawing depicts Jesus on the cross with an erect penis.