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The reduction in thickness and associated loss of flexibility make tunica albuginea in erect penis vulnerable to fracture.
The jury has also been told that Davies allegedly forced another woman to hold her hand on his erect penis through his trousers in a police interview room.
One can use a model of an erect penis or a stylized model of an erect penis to illustrate the correct use of a condom.
This is particularly a risk in the presence of an erect penis (Vaidyanathan, Soni, Hughes, Singh, & Oo, 2010).
Voina has already won fame with stunts that included painting an erect penis on a lifting bridge opposite the Saint Petersburg headquarters of the security service and tipping over a police car with sleeping officers inside.
Penile fractures happen when an erect penis is thrust against a harder object.
According to the owner, the dog had copulated with a female sheepdog eight days previously and soon after that the inability of the animal to retract the erect penis into the prepuce was noted.
It means an adult man's erect penis tearing anal tissue; it means a child's small mouth forced around an engorged and pushing penis; it means a man's hand--one that the day before may have transformed wine into blood--probing a little girl's vagina or pulling at the penis of a prepubescent boy, perhaps after plying the young person with drugs and alcohol.
Hegemonically dominant men are therefore expected to produce an erect penis and to maintain an erect penis throughout a sexual act.
The size of erect penis may be slightly shorter than it used to be.
In this way, he makes Firmin's comment ostensibly refer to the guns of the Mexican soldiers, but it subtextually recalls Jacques's erect penis, already referenced earlier in the passage.
Suspect Jakes then began to masturbate his erect penis with his left hand for several seconds while making eye contact with Detective X.