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It may not be readily apparent what the Okotoks Erratic has in common with world heritage sites such as ChichEn Itz-, the Titantic, the Parthenon and Machu Picchu, but it is one of two Canadian sites that has been selected by the CyArk 500 Challenge, an international project that is digitally preserving vulnerable, culturally significant historic sites around the world.
Despite questions over a lack of documented evidence, Stanley Knowlton, head of interpretive services at Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and member of the Piikani First Nation, maintains that historical etchings, described as pictographs or petroglyphs, existed on a glacial boulder known as the Glenwood Erratic before being destroyed by an act of vandalism.
It is a big deficit - and is partly due to oil and erratic items, but you can't just nod away oil and erratics month after month, " one economist said.