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Whenever a Web site asks the user to supply any username, password, or email address, the user may invoke the persona generator by supplying a corresponding LPWA escape sequence, as depicted in the figure of the New York Times Web site.
Information about which Escape sequences control which functions is to be found in your printer manual.
Next the cursor is moved to row 8 and the ANSI escape sequence for bold type and blinking is given.
You are soon met with alert guards who chase you down in escape sequences as well as stealth situations where you must make little noise and stay out of sight of patrols by using your ears to map out where enemies are going and use your cunning to create openings.
Chicken Run makes explicit references to the film, most notably through the tunnel escape sequences and Ginger's defiant belief that she can free the whole prisoner population.
Telnet provides a way of sending escape sequences that can be used to break the connection to a remote computer, but each version of Telnet seems to use a different key, from ALT-X to CTRL-Q to F10.
Other new features include support for ODBC/JDBC escape sequences, such as outer joins, scalar functions, and date, time, and timestamp literals; support for retrieving connection information from Oracle's TNSNames file and the Sybase Interfaces file; and support for Oracle 9iR2.
NYSE: LXK) today announced the Visual Bar Code Designer for easy creation of PCL escape sequences or PostScript commands to print bar codes using the Optra Bar Code SIMM.
Tun EMUL continues to boast emulations for an extensive list of UNIX, DEC, HP and IBM hosts, as well as fully customizable escape sequences, function keys and character tables.