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To my distaff brethren (or "sisterhood"), I say welcome; and you may use "Esq.," and need not feminize it to "Esquette" as one of our past female colleagues tried.
In comparative studies, ESQ was more effective than current technology as a stand-alone stabilizer and showed great boosting effects when combined with UV absorbers, according to company executives.
Renata Castro, Esq. will moderate two panels - "Basics of Business Immigration Practice before USCIS" on May 18 and "H-1B Workarounds" on May 19.
In our class-conscious mother country of England, Esquire ("Esq.") denoted a man slightly above a "Gentleman," ("Gent" or "Mr.").
Dailey, Esq. CFLS, president of Oakland-based Attorney's Briefcase, Inc.
Bruce Nathan, Esq. Feb 9 Credit Risk Mitigation Techniques Buddy Baker Feb 18 Liens and Bonds: A Practical Approach Greg Powelson Added Advantage Feb 23 Antitrust Issues Wanda Borges, Esq.
Nick White, Esq. is a partner and Stephanie Bennett, Esq.
--Kenneth Kral, CPA, international tax partner, Jack Serota, Esq., international tax manager and Sophie Young, international tax associate, at Price Waterhouse, New York City.
From Ronald Friedman, Esq., and Jeffrey Schechter, Esq., Washington, D.C.
• Thursday, September 15, 2016: Business Law with Carlos Kelly Esq. and Mark Nieds, Esq.