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The Governments of Pakistan made National and International commitments to implement the essential medicine system.
Objective: To find out the extent of use of essential medicines in the prescriptions and the knowledge of medical practitioners about the national essential medicines list of Pakistan.
Study on National Essential Medicine Policy in China (in Chinese).
The degree to which the prescribing practice conformed to the essential medicine list, formulary, or standard treatment guidelines were also measured by searching for the number of drugs prescribed from essential medicine list available.
Essential medicine in this field is primarily the rational use of medicine.
The global governance of HIV/AIDS; intellectual property and access to essential medicines.
Essential medicine sales account for approximately half of the pharmaceutical market in end-consumer prices.
The judgment also highlighted that there was a proper mechanism available under the patent laws, in terms of which if a manufacturer of essential medicine was not catering to the demand of large public, or selling it at an unreasonably high price, the authorities concerned must before granting any monopoly to a person, use the mechanism provided under Section 58 of the Patent Ordinance by allowing generics compulsory licensing, so that drugs could be made available at very reasonable price.
When big pharma fails to develop or market an essential medicine, an alternative path is a non-profit or public-private initiative.
Prior information noticeProvision of Essential Medicine Buffer Stock (EMBS) Research and Consultancy.
The Model List of Essential Medicines guides the development of national and institutional essential medicine lists, and forms the basis for medicines selection in emergency situations.

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