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That is to say--and to continue with the example of horses--the essential properties of a horse are qualities like being quadruped, being an ungulate, having a flowing mane, and so on.
But on the other hand Kripke is wrong to insists that a given object in a counterfactual situation may not be deprived of its essential properties because otherwise it could not be the same object (1980, p.
At times, however, Shapiro's valuable insights into the goals and operation of law appear imprisoned within a view of the jurisprudential enterprise that compels him not only to search for a noncoercive essence to law, but also to assume that the nature of law can be explained only in terms of law's essential properties and necessary implications.
Vehicles and varnishes impart essential properties to inks, and suppliers are being asked for improved performance by their ink customers.
The evaluation documented and analyzed the essential properties of the SAM innovation; the dimensions of variation found across schools; the organizational and individual incentives for adoption, implementation, and adaptation in particular contexts; and the outcomes for individual principals, SAMs, and schools.
The redesigned drugs retain pharmacological and other essential properties, but carry little or no risk of psychiatric and neurological side effects.
Studies show skin absorbs the essential properties, carried via the body's internal system to places they're needed most - eucalyptus goes straight to lungs helping counter respiratory problems; rosemary helps clear the mind and is good when preparing for exams; lavender inspires calm and helps people sleep.
An ideal strategy for bone tissue regeneration is to develop a bone ECM mimic organic/inorganic composite nanomatrix by emulating these essential properties of bone tissue formation.
In general terms, the classification problem is that, when we have an essentialist definition of a kind K and when specimen S has all of the essential properties of a member of the kind K bar one or two, there is no non-arbitrary way to decide whether S is a defective member of the kind K or a good example of another kind, [K.
focus on molecular interactions and the special properties of molecules and signaling pathways that underlie the essential properties of immune cells and their responses.
Unity and indissolubility are essential properties of marriage; for there is no marriage without them, just as there is no square without four equal sides and four right angles.
The Core Challenge Roller combines the essential properties of exercise balls and rollers into a dynamic inflatable fitness roll designed for the entire body.

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