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the right of way of the public over a river to use it as a highway.

NAVIGATION. The act of traversing the sea, rivers or lakes, in ships or other vessels; the art of ascertaining the geographical position of a ship, and directing her course.
     2. It is not within the plan of this work to copy the acts of congress relating to navigation, or even an abstract of them. The reader is referred to Story's L. U. S. Index, h.t.; Gordon's Dic. art. 2905, et seq.

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where [P.sub.i] is the estimated position using proposed algorithm and [R.sub.i] is the real position of the capsule.
To reproduce the noise in the estimated position signal, caused by the measurement errors, the modelled electrical rotor position [theta] = p x [[theta].sub.m] is supplemented with white noise.
Then [U.sub.m+1] computes the gravity center of its final PLA as its estimated position.
In mobile WSNs, the localization error of a node (the distance between its real position and estimated position) is changed over time duo to the mobility of the nodes.
Starting with your estimated position, you pick out a visible star whose position directly over the earth at the current time is known.
Calculate the estimated position of this fingerprint by using (3); 4.
To effectively evaluate the precision of the database camera positions, the original trajectory of the RGB-D camera is recorded as the true positions to compare with the estimated positions. For each room or corridor, test points on the camera trajectory are uniformly selected by the step distance of 10 centimeters.
The localization error is defined as the Euclidean distance between the actual position and the estimated position of a normal node.
6, the z-coordinate means the average pixel displacement between the estimated position and the ground truth, the y-coordinate represents face datasets, the x-coordinate means face components, e.g.
For further power consumption reduction only the beacons within the operating range from estimated position are requested to respond.
At this point, the next cell is determined, all the objects in the new cell are identified, and their visibility condition is set, based on the user's estimated position and viewpoint.

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