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Coregulators in nuclear estrogen receptor action: from concept to therapeutic targeting.
Up to sixty percent of breast cancers depend on the hormone estrogen and the estrogen receptor to grow and spread.
Estrogen receptor positive tumors essentially accounted for the entire decline.
Because the drug is removing the estrogen receptor as a target by degradation, it is less likely the cancer cell can develop a resistance mechanism because you are removing the target," lead author Suzanne Wardell, PhD, a research scientist working in McDonnell's lab, said.
Other hormonal therapies for breast cancer aim to block the estrogen receptor or lessen the amount of available estrogen in a patient's body; fulvestrant degrades the estrogen receptor, sometimes even causing it to disapper.
The absence of the estrogen receptor gene in the constellation increases the confidence that this information complements routinely assayed estrogen receptor levels determined by immunohistochemistry.
People and other vertebrates have genes for six steroid receptors, including two estrogen receptors.
professor of medicine at Baylor, said that the research group's working hypothesis is that estrogen receptor activation by the mutation is a permissive event occurring early in breast cancer evolution.
SAN ANTONIO -- Misdiagnoses of breast cancer patients' estrogen receptor status have increased sharply since pathology laboratories' near-universal shift from ligand-binding assay to immunohistochemistry, according to Dr.
GTx is developing ACAPODENE[R] (toremifene citrate), a selective estrogen receptor modulator, or SERM, in two separate clinical programs in men: first, a pivotal Phase III clinical trial for the treatment of serious side effects of androgen deprivation therapy for advanced prostate cancer, and second, a pivotal Phase III clinical trial for the prevention of prostate cancer in high risk men with high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, or PIN.
In studies of mice, "we saw that the organ that always had the highest activation of estrogen receptor was the liver," she said.
Genistein and other isoflavones interact with the estrogen receptor to enhance histone acetylation (Hung et al.

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