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et al.

n. abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alii meaning "and others." This is commonly used in shortening the name of a case, as in "Pat Murgatroyd v. Sally Sherman, et al."

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Screening for cervical cancer--A systematic review, 2013 Leslea Peirson etal
Mark Patchitt director of development and growth at Riverside said "I think the Etal scheme shows how Riverside is ready to step up to the Devolution Agenda.
This method was simple and highly sensitive and allowed for the rapid and reliable determination of immunity to VZV (Sauerbrei etal.
All the fun of the Festival - top, Rick Doughty <Bon rider champion horse Arching at yesterday's Festival of the Heavy Horse at Etal, north Northumberland.
Etal Horticultural Show, which takes place tomorrow, features more than 50 show classes
Me, Etal Castle, Alan Green the furniture " The hero of the hour has been Iain Miller, who set aside bread-anbutter work with his Borders computer consultancy, Kemibond, to negotiate with BT on behalf of clients and nonclients and eventually getting the message across that there really WAS a widespread problem.
ETAL is one of the world's leading designers, innovators and volume manufacturers of high performance transformers for the international telecom market.
Visitors of all ages love a trip on the steam railway, puffing along the banks of the River Till every day between Heatherslaw and Etal Castle.
pounds 500 Xword THE winner of last week's pounds 500 Xword is Mrs Susan McGaw, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER: Across: 7 Platinum; 8 Duck; 9 Budget; 10 Lumber; 11 Etna; 12 Damaging; 15 Sidestep; 19 Urge; 21 Ascent; 23 Rotund; 24 Eros; 25 Extended; Down: 1 Flaunt; 2 Stagnate; 3 United; 4 Emblem; 5 Edam; 6 Screen; 13 Axe; 14 Gluttony; 16 Insure; 17 Totter; 18 Pirate; 20 Ginger; 22 East; OPUS GASH HEW PARA R I CA AYE T I DY EMULATED SLU I CE LOG NATAL OBAN SWAGGER GONE U I G EDGES ATE ELAL UTTERED TYRE USHER AWN I NROAD TERR I F I C ABTA AVE P I SA NEON BED ETAL TYPE
Friends James Pearson and Craig Robinson are lighting up the latter's home on Tredegar Close in the Etal Park Estate, off Etal Lane, to raise money for Marie Curie.
David lives near Crookham and grows 80 potato varieties on land leased from Ford and Etal Estate.