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et al.

n. abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alii meaning "and others." This is commonly used in shortening the name of a case, as in "Pat Murgatroyd v. Sally Sherman, et al."

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"Ford and Etal Estates own most of the Flodden battlesite and have always felt that it would be appropriate to commemorate Flodden during 2013.
"We are aware of a small protest that took place outside of Etal Lane police station this morning which passed peacefully with no disruption."
HISTORY MAN Dan Snow at Etal Castle and, inset, filming his piece on the Battle of Flodden
Luckily, several police officers were making their way to and from Etal Lane police station and saw the incident.
Coun Pattison said he had been concerned that the council's original plan to cut speeding on Etal Way was "excessive" and would lead to idling traffic and worsening air pollution.
The 20mph limit on Etal Way is ignored by most drivers
Etal has added flower boxes, bins, and shadings along the road.
Model Study name Statistics for each study Event Lower Upper rate limit limit Al-Ashwal AA eta 2003 0.049 0.022 0.105 Saadah, O I etal 2004 0.100 0.056 0.172 Al-Hussaini A etal 2012 0.113 0.065 0.189 Saadah O I etal 2012 0.112 0.085 0.145 AI-AghaAE etal 2015 0.197 0.150 0.254 Alshareef MA, etal 2016 0.046 0.025 0.083 Al-Jurayyan N NA.etal 2016 0.025 0.008 0.078 Al-Ruhaily AD 1, Malabu UH.
DUGGER ELLIS & EVELYN ETAL $412,500 2018/07/03 521
El origen de la AUS ha sido reportado en la arteria axilar (AA) (Dubreuil Chambardel, 1926; Singer, 1933; Weathersby, 1956; Fadel & Amonoo-Kuofi, 1996; Jacquemin et al, 2001; Natsis et al, 2006; Mannan etal, 2008; Yadav etal, 2013); en la arteria braquial (AB) en el brazo (Hazlett, 1949; Weathersby; Blagojka, 1982; del Sol etal, 2000; Rodriguez-Niedenfuhr etal., 2001; Natsis etal.; Dartnell et al, 2007; Senanayake etal, 2007; Troupis etal, 2011; Casal et al, 2012; Solan, 2013; Salunke et al, 2014; Abhinita et al., 2016) o en la fosa cubital (Hazlet; Weathersby; Blagojka; Panicker et al, 2003; Shetty et al, 2013; Yadav etal.; Kusztal et al, 2014; Kumka & Purkiss, 2015; Quadros et al, 2015; Sirasanagandla et al, 2016).
Egytrans, the Egyptian logistics and transportation solutions company, announced in a report on Wednesday its consolidated results for the first quarter (Q1) of 2017, which witnessed 282.4% growth in revenues year-on-year (y-o-y) to EGP 11.05m, driven by the work in mega projects, as well as the performance of the company's subsidiary, Egyptian Transport and Logistics (ETAL), in addition to the growth in regular business.