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The iconic British rockers are set to play to 65,000 fans in the Eternal City on June 22 at the Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman chariot racing stadium, but the coming influx of spectators has raised concerns among heritage groups.
Rome re-imagined; twelfth-century Jews, Christians and Muslims encounter the Eternal City.
Woody Allen delivers a beautiful homage to the eternal city in this film boasting a stellar ensemble cast, writes Chris Benellie Ladera.
Woody Allen's latest film finds him and an all-star cast in Rome, the Eternal City, where he weaves together an anthology of intersecting stories that find foreigners and locals alike undergoing life-changing experiences and realizations in Italy's beautiful capital city.
For him the Eternal City 'gave physical form to the idea of art, not simply as something ethereal for the elite but as something inspiring .
He is showing a collection inspired by the Eternal City after sunset.
Harriet Ridley enjoys her return to the Eternal City
A race through the streets of the Eternal City has long been on the agenda, although logistically there are difficulties.
The Eternal City welcomes you with warm spring sunshine at this most important and popular time in the calendar.
However, tourism orients the topos of the Eternal City toward the past, whereas the initial usage of the expression urbs aeterna was future-oriented.
Our new service from Charlotte will offer our customers throughout the south-eastern United States another convenient option for travelling to the Eternal City.