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That is, eternal existence of ancestors should be practically confirmed.
To be sure, Unamuno fully shares in Nietzsche's notion of art as essential to the affirmation of eternal existence.
Worse, I found myself hating the seemingly eternal existence of heavenly bodies.
Exempt from this is to imagine the infinite eternal existence of the Creator--the Most High--in eternity, without an end, for this is not objectionable to the intellect.
The central question that resounds throughout the book is whether "human rights have an independent eternal existence, and what does the 'reality' of such rights involve?
He is also everlasting and cannot cease to exist, because it is impossible for something to become non-existent when its pre- eternal existence has been established.
This is true even in an infinite time span and in the case of an infinite multiplicity of contingent beings, because, no matter how many contingent beings one might consider, none would exist without a necessary being, just as, in the case of a watch with many wheels, since wheels do not move themselves, there would be no motion without a spring, even if the multiplicity of wheels was infinite and they had an eternal existence (Summa Theologica, I, 2, 3).