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As postmodernism provoked a more general critique of modernity and a concern with what comes after modernity's demise, postmodern scholars have articulated a third ethical system without being clear as to the continued relevance of modern ethical systems.
This is already part of the existing AEU Sunday school framework and there is no plan to change that, because part of ethical education is learning about various ethical systems," McGowan explains.
What right do we have to go into another country to do business and impose our ethical system on them?
On the other hand, ethics role is considered very important because of less prominent traditional ethical systems in societies and accelerated growth of science and technology [9].
The ethical system whose mission is the realization of the spirituality emendated from the ideological system, has no notable status and support with Descartes.
Not content merely to try melding disparate ethical systems (Christian and pagan), McCloskey then emits a bewildering list of "sub-virtues" allegedly unique to capitalism, many of which seem nothing more than personality traits.
surrender to an ethical system, as we always must, we do so playfully.
It also shed light on the ethical system in the heritage of the nation and the relationship between the ethics and cultural development and developing the contribution of social institutions in achieving the prospective ethical construction.
Hanley concludes the chapter with a promise to demonstrate that Smith's ethical system was more than a series of transactions with others, "of observations and judgments between actors and spectators" (99) about what is appropriate, based on Smith's concept of "fellow feeling" or sympathy.
Directions of internal employee movements, as promotions, retrogressions, relocations and dismissals also may be efficient tools in improvement of the enterprise's ethical system, provided they are based on clear, understandable, righteous and reasonable criterions.
Without necessary controls based on a knowledge of all the limits with which we must live, and our ethical system for their application to market transactions, things can only get worse.
As humanity reaches out to colonize outer space harvest vital organs from the tissue of mice and develop medications to increase our life spans by decades we still maintain what some would argue is an antiquated ethical system.