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Environmental ethicists should take special note of chapters that address the Anthropocene and climate change (chap.
Christian ethicist Jean Bethke Elshtain, a scholar who shaped national conversations on war and peace from her perch at the University of Chicago, died Aug.
Professors remain far short of ideal by either measure, ethicists no less so than others," they added.
The dependence for funding places ethicists in the untenable position of deciding between pursuing the ethical inquiry and risking their career, or ignoring the moral problem and compromising their professional integrity.
Whereas ethicists tended to avoid saying that ethicists behave worse than nonethicists, non-ethicists expressed that pessimistic view about as often as they expressed the view that ethicists behave better.
Both chaplains and clinical ethicists can serve as patient advocates, assist with advance care planning, facilitate communication and reduce conflicts among various stakeholders, and refer patients, families, and staff to other organizational resources after identifying their needs.
Ethicist Margaret Somerville of McGill University is concerned about the threat posed by terrorists and tyrants with whom we have fundamental value conflicts, and by the new techno-science: genetics, reproductive technologies, artificial intelligence, and nano-technology.
Some ethicists acknowledge that allowing an organ market is a radical solution, fraught with the ethical pitfalls inherent in commodifying body parts.
If traditional philosophy-based ethicists had admitted these realities, if they had allowed necessary flexibility, then they would still be hot properties.
Some ethicists even are calling for debate on changing the legal definition of death to allow patients in permanent comas or vegetative states to become candidates for donation before cardiac death.
In calling for full health disclosure, Chairwoman Leslie Conejo joined a growing chorus of ethicists and political analysts who said Gallegly's most recent announcement raises more questions than it answers.
From just these few examples one can't help but conclude--as ethicists, including J.