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The Departments Minority Ethnic Development Fund aims to support voluntary and community groups to promote good relations between people of different ethnic backgrounds and to foster social cohesion.
A breakdown by ethnic background shows that around 11% of white sixth-formers and around 7% of those from a black background went on to a Russell Group university in 2013/14, compared with 13% of Asian pupils, 13% of those from a mixed background and 19% of those with other ethnic origins.
Students who were either white and Asian, Indian, white and black African or Bangladeshi ethnic backgrounds all gained above the average at GCSE.
When immigrant parents live in neighbourhoods with a high concentration of people from their same ethnic background, their babies weigh less than those of Canadian-born parents.
A study by Dr Vikki Boliver, from Durham University, revealed state school students and those from ethnic minorities were less likely to get a place at Russell Group universities - considered to be the country's finest institutions - than their peers with the same A-level results from private schools and white ethnic backgrounds.
com, is for men and women that are open to dating people from different ethnic backgrounds.
I don't suppose people from ethnic backgrounds could give tuppence whether they appear or not.
Youngsters from a white ethnic background made up 84 per cent of those with a proven offending record and 86 per cent of the general population in 2007.
Whilst there are many factors, the report suggests that discrimination plays its part because people with a name that implies they are from a white ethnic background who apply for a job are almost twice as likely to be called for an interview, than those with a minority ethnic sounding name.
Washington, Oct 7 (ANI): South Asians are at an increased risk of developing diabetes owing to their ethnic background, which affects higher fat and lower muscle mass, according to a Canadian study.
As we reported this month, 22-month-old Iona Stratton is battling leukaemia but because of her ethnic background - half-Chinese, half-English - there's a shortage of suitable bone marrow donors.
The best match for a donor comes from the same ethnic background as the recipient, so the trust are always looking to recruit people from non-white groups.