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Knowing how ethnic backgrounds impact birth weights is particularly important in Canada, given the growing number of mixed race families.
The police had no ethnic prejudices on the ethnic background and persons from all nationalities have been called to the police," said BDI spokesman Bujar Osmani.
But the section on ethnic background has as many as 92 different options, although Welsh is not among them.
Many Catholics with Goan roots are very much involved in territorial parishes and in service organizations which are defined by their objective and their spirituality or method of service, without specifying linguistic, sociocultural or ethnic background.
How many times do you want to hear about Tiger's ethnic background, his early talent, his dad's driving mania for his son's success, his impressive statistics on the course?
But we must recognise the medical fact that those with a particular ethnic background are more susceptible to eye disease.
Indeed, it is deep in human nature to define our sense of identity according to our ethnic background.
Ethnic background did not correspond to class division, and members of the different synagogues did not resolutely marry their children to others from the same synagogue, so that three generations after their arrival, the Spanish and Portuguese immigrant families were thoroughly integrated.
Even though the Government does not reveal details on the ethnic background of the 850 employees for "marking the path" to the EU, the sole fact that only five ethnic Albanians work in the Secretariat for European integration is enough.
It involves police officers making a note of the ethnic background of each person they stop and search.
Sexual orientation (now "inclination") does not constitute a quality comparable to race, ethnic background, etc.
People from an ethnic background, or those who have a sound grounding within such communities, are invited to apply for positions.