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However, the latest 2005 census (Steering Committee for Census of Population and Housing, 2006:8) no longer showed the four broader ethnic classifications ; instead, it listed the names of 49 different ethnic groups.
A majority of the Court rejected the university's argument that racial or ethnic classifications that disadvantage groups, like white males, who are not "discrete and insular minorit[ies]" should not be subjected to strict judicial scrutiny because no "extraordinary protection from the majoritarian political process" is required.
These administrators must have been remarkably well-trained, because they did their classifying just by looking at people--I never found anyone who was interviewed to determine their ethnic classification.
This panel explores the dynamics of ethnic classification and interaction in Borneo, with a view to understanding both historical and current patterns, and how they reflect indigenous notions and state politics.
The rationale for ethnic classification is that the study was done specifically to identify mutations in ethnic groups in which CFTR mutation detection in South Africa is low.
This is not a new phenomenon: the problem of defining the ethnicity of the majority group was flagged as an issue for ethnic classification and statistics as part of a review undertaken in 1993 (Statistics New Zealand 1993).
Table 1 summarizes the frequencies of each racial/ ethnic classification in VA inpatient and outpatient databases.
Perhaps we should adopt the American system of ethnic classification by origin to sort things out equitably.
Jenkins argues that the traditional anthropological preoccupation with group self-identification has served to distract attention from processes of ethnic classification by external groups.
Ethnic classification was determined by the state's Bureau of Vital Statistics based on information from death certificates.
In the early days we had it in mind to co-author something historical, and hopefully comprehensive, on the Dayaks of Kalimantan Barat and to attempt a preliminary ethnic classification.

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