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Nigeria Blindness Survey had indicated that Igbo ethnic group had a higher risk of developing glaucoma just as men and unmarried people in Nigeria.
A third of white working class girls achieve five good GCSEs, meaning they are the worst performing main female ethnic group.
In terms of employed people, the relative share of the working pour is highest for the Turkish ethnic group a 26.
Naing Hantha, deputy chairman of an umbrella group representing eleven armed ethnic groups, agrees that the conference is important, but he is not very enthusiastic about the outcome.
The current rise of ethnic and regional sentiments in South Sudan represents a direct response to the government's policies and attitudes toward the excluded and marginalized ethnic groups.
Each ethnic group will gladly show their culture," says Abdulkhalikov.
Passionarity is manifested in individuals and ethnic groups activity, their ability to alter the natural and social environment.
Pacific ethnic groups also logged significant increases - the Samoans by 10 per cent to 144,000, Cook Island Maoris by 7 per cent to 62,000 and Tongans by almost 20 per cent to 60,000.
Agriculture is the main work in rural area and different ethnic groups such as Fars(native), Turkman and Sisstani reside in this area.
However, the true question is whether the young staff of the smaller ethnic groups have been fully integrated into society or have merely been transformed into percentages that bear meaning only at party rallies or in reports to international institutions.
The population ofWales increased by 69,800 people between 2001 and 2007 with increases in numbers seen in all ethnic groups except the white Irish group, which was down by 2,200.
Summary: Poverty has a much bigger impact on the performance of white British pupils than on any other ethnic group, according to studies.

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