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The findings of this study have shown that the ethnic identity of these aboriginal students increased as a result of their participation in the Aboriginal Dance Club.
Ethnic identity is important because it functions as a "source of socialization" (Collier, 1991, p.
Internet users, although sharing the same cultural heritage, may differ in the strength of their ethnic identity (Felix-Ortiz de la Garza, Newcomb, & Myers, 1995).
Therefore, this study aimed to add to the scholarly literature by exploring CDSE as it relates to ethnic identity, academic self-concept, and demographic variables of African American high school students.
Since ethnic identity concerns human interaction, it is basically an ethical issue.
By comparing Sarawak and West Kalimantan, the author manages to elucidate the point that the nature and processes of ethnic identity vary from one polity to another.
Sparse literature to date has explored the role of ethnic identity in bullying participation.
To provide culturally relevant services to Latinas/os, college counselors and student affairs professionals must consider these individuals' ethnic identity (Hipolito-Delgado & Diaz, 2013).
Therefore, in this study, we investigated the role of MSS, IP, and racial and ethnic identity as predictors of mental health among Black college students.
He discusses thicker than water: a social-scientific approach to ancient Judaean ethnicity, the history of dustbins: reconstructing ethnicity from the papyri, reflections on the Nile: Greek ethnographers and Egyptians' boundary, from the mouths of beasts: ethnic identity in apocalyptic literature from Egypt, and for the sake of mice and weasels: ethnic boundaries and the cultural stuff in the Letter of Aristeas.

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