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Moreover, school counselors need to examine counseling strategies and resources they use and consider possible modification taking into account the importance of adolescents' ethnic identity development (Holcomb-McCoy, 2005).
This study attempted to assess the extent to which Latino men's level of hypermasculinity was related to their ethnic identity, male identity, and gender-role socialization.
Scores range from 5 to 30 with higher scores indicating a higher level of commitment to and exploration of one's ethnic identity.
This study analyzed data from a large statewide sample of Native American adolescents throughout California to determine whether participation in cultural practices was associated with stronger ethnic identity.
Ethnic identity is the way a person sees themselves as a member of a group that is a subset of the larger society.
This study focuses on the ethnic identity of immigrant offspring from diverse ethnoracial backgrounds in Canada.
Internet users, although sharing the same cultural heritage, may differ in the strength of their ethnic identity (Felix-Ortiz de la Garza, Newcomb, & Myers, 1995).
Literature Review Gender and ethnic identity framework and hypotheses development
The study of language and ethnic identity among Nigerian writers is particularly interesting, as their linguistic repertoire often features their indigenous language, the language that is naturally associated with their ethnic culture.
This paper seeks to describe the multifaceted ways Hmong adolescents define, act upon, and negotiate pride related to their ethnic identity and to expand the definition of pride not only as an individual component of ethnic identity, but as a cultural construct that is informed by social relationships and the evolving, complex identities of Hmong and Asian youth.
for the different phases in articulation of ethnic identity as well as the dramatic changes in the external
Keywords: African American, career aspirations, ethnic identity, racism-related stress

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