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However, as of 2001, we do not see any evidence of such a development, at least as measured by reported ethnic origin in the census.
It is further alleged that this is an 'Aggravated Breach' as defined by FA Rule E3[2] as it included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or nationality and/or religion or belief.
Turkey's State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that people sharing the same fate for centuries, whatever their ethnic origin and religious belief were, would give hand-in-hand.
Ten percent of Muslims who experienced prejudice believed this was solely due to their religious beliefs, while over half felt that their ethnic origin was the grounds for the discrimination, according to the survey by the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency.
Research among a group of adults to test their prejudices showed higher levels of anti-gay and lesbian feelings than those for age, gender, religion, disability or ethnic origin.
MR Peter Sunman's letter (Viewpoints, January 3) regarding the ethnic origin of Israelis is both provocative and sweeping in its claims.
Around one in 10 adults in the UK is now of ethnic origin, according to Office for National Statistics.
ensure that every employee, volunteer and student in the workplace and school setting is free from harassment based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship of creed.
Chapters overview how to assess one's own skills, package onself with concise and effective business cards, a resume, and brochures that won't be ignored, the fine art of networking, using internet job sites to maximum advantage, preparing oneself for the interview including anticipating different interview styles and what to do if improper questions come up--inquiries into one's age, martial status, ethnic origin, religious preference, sexual preference, and disabilities are prohibited by law, yet a direct "gotcha" confrontation over them is not advised prior to being hired; instead, Blitzer recommends a nonconfrontational evasion such as "I'm surprised that came up.
Augusta serves patients regardless of race, gender, religious belief, nationality, ethnic origin or political persuasion.
Even though the country's education system is good, it has not overcome the prejudices of race and ethnic origin.
Bollinger, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor noted that "the law school's interest is not simply 'to assure within its student body some specified percentage of a particular group merely because of its race or ethnic origin,'" as specified in the Bakke majority opinion.

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