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Women across all ethnicities and races are most likely to visit a plastic surgeon for changes to their chest/breasts (18%), followed by changing the appearance of their midsection/abdomen (14%).
In turn, in presenting their political program to win seats and secure access to public resources, political elites relied heavily on their ethnicities.
The democratic celebration of individual voice can also invite demands that we learn to get along with formerly excluded creeds, ethnicities, and races.
Tishkov maintains that peaceful management of multiple ethnicities is possible, even in times of difficult transition, through intervention, representation, education, and early prevention of conflict.
A defensive and largely white "industry" of publishers, editors, critics, and reviewers often seems unwilling or unable to see that children of all ethnicities deserve literature of artistic merit presented authentically - or well-told stories.
Americans of all ethnicities have never been more acculturated than they are today.
However, much research in New Zealand has shown growth in the number of people reporting multiple ethnicities and changes in the ethnic composition of New Zealand, which may reflect social changes as well as changes in the construct of ethnicity.
Ethnicities and global multiculture; pants for an octopus.
She analyzes the manner in which Africans from different regions in Africa viewed their distinct ethnicities.
Where it's not an oddity to find a cozy, middle-class street with people from many cultures and ethnicities and faiths living peacefully side by side.
In the context of cultural pluralization produced by migration and by social stratification, ethnicity remains a social marker relative to other ethnicities subordinated to national identities.
Half were black or Hispanic (29% and 22%, respectively); the rest were Asian (16%), white (12%), or of other or mixed ethnicities (22%).