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Further qualitative analysis, such as ethnographic research, paired with predictive analytics can identify the company- and brand-specific drivers that will create or reinforce that sense of well-being.
The survey, involving the anonymous participation of 1,000 Qatari women, follows the ethnographic research conducted earlier this year that saw student researchers engage Qatari women in typical majlis (the Arabic word for an informal gathering) settings.
Comprising a survey and ethnographic research, the results of which could assist the government in future policy-making, the "Qatari Women: Engagement and Empowerment" study was recently awarded a one-year grant through the Undergraduate Research Experience Programme from the Qatar National Research Fund, established by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development in 2006.
For example, if you want to understand user behavior, ethnographic research provides valuable data that can spark, rather than stifle, innovation.
Her results differ from other ethnographic research done elsewhere, such as in Japan and Britain, where the story often focuses on justifying why the relationship had to end.
This article builds on the idea that standard strategic planning should be supplemented by qualitative research-in this case, two techniques commonly used in marketing and the social sciences: focus groups and ethnographic research.
Drawing on ethnographic research conducted over six years in a small New England city, the author presents critical perspectives on public health intervention efforts in the urban United States.
In 2012, our primary regional orientation continues to be the peoples of Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and Insular Southeast Asia, and the central concern of the journal to be papers that are the product of sustained ethnographic research.
Most impressively, she draws upon grassroots ethnographic research, providing keen insight into the effects of violence from the 1980s to the present on the public space where grievances and injustices can now be addressed.
Ethnographic research conducted by data collectors who accompanied consumers as they shopped in retail stores shows that they associate frozen seafood with higher quality meals compared to other frozen products, reported an executive with Richmond, Virginia, USA-headquartered MeadWestvaco (MWV), in a presentation made March 14 at the International Boston Seafood Show.
Educators and researchers alike will appreciate the compilation of longitudinal ethnographic research on autism, play, and development.
Ethnographic research means taking theoretically informed descriptions of socio-cultural processes and phenomena.