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She said that there are few widely accepted taboos surrounding Smartphone behaviour, but that some standard of etiquette is developing.
The first week will be focused on teaching children to take care of themselves and will include cleanliness of self and home, politeness, table manners, besides etiquettes of communicating with parents and teachers.
The company provides courses in three different fields; oil and gas related courses, health and safety courses and etiquette and lifestyle courses.
Eli Abi Rached, Managing Director of Eton Institute commented: "We at Eton Institute wish everyone a very happy Ramadan and as tradition, are offering the FREE Arabic course and essential etiquettes that will enable people to celebrate the true spirit of Ramadan and the Islamic culture.
A recent Intel Corporation sponsored survey, conducted by Harris Interactive([R]), confirmed what many already know: people's mobile etiquette is not what it should be.