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As a serving corp member, I have been privileged to study youths, hence, I came to a saddening conclusion that most youths lack basic morals and etiquettes such as greeting and being respectful etc.
A little display of etiquettes might go a long way in favoring them; someone might just help them because they exhibit morals and ethics like being respectful and trustworthy.
htm) etiquettes  to indulge in a proper handshake:
It further helps learners with tips on how they could internalize key dining etiquettes and turn the proceedings of business luncheons in their favour.
Washington, Sep 22 (ANI): With iPhones and Blackberrys seeping into offices, homes as well as classrooms, there is a need for people to practice some smartphone etiquettes, says an expert.
Animation movies about etiquettes and other such innovative media are used to convey the message to the children.
As Al Mumayez Training Services, we stimulate the relationship of etiquette with people and we sometimes compare and contrast the ethics of etiquettes between us (Omanis) with people from other walks of life.
Summary: Eton Institute in partnership with Dubai Knowledge Village is offering a FREE one day workshop in Ramadan Etiquettes and Cultural Awareness during the holy month of Ramadan.
Among the etiquette skills gained by participants were etiquettes of communication, speech, introduction, dress, eating, gift presentation, telephone etiquette, social visits, banquets, visiting patients and decorations.
An entire beginner level in Arabic and essential etiquettes during Ramadan will be taught absolutely FREE to anyone interested in learning the language or the culture of the Islamic world.
A recent Intel Corporation sponsored survey, conducted by Harris Interactive([R]), confirmed what many already know: people's mobile etiquette is not what it should be.