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European Union (EU)

the economic and political grouping that came into effect in 1993 and resulted from the European Union Treaty, an important treaty signed at Maastricht on 7 February 1992. It amended the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (EEC) Treaty, indeed, renaming it the European Community. Thus the present legal structure is called the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES or the European Union.
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The two scenarios regarding the OR location are: (1.) The OR is located in the UK; (2.) The OR is located in the EU 27.
CNN, which is covering the event live, said the delay was due to some minor quibbles by May about the plan presented to her by EU 27 leaders.
Unless a mutually favourable deal is agreed, the industries in both the UK and other EU 27 countries will suffer.
Many small firms that operate in the retail and hospitality sectors depend on EU 27 workers.
European Council President Donald Tusk replied that it was Britain's own decision to leave the club and that "the 27 will keep on having meetings in the EU 27 format," the source added.
2013 imports of select rubber products into the EU 27 Total % change Malaysian % change imports, year imports, year euro '000 on year euro '000 on year Tires 6,111,731 -2.7 28,975 19.7 Molded/bonded goods 1,873,093 2.2 24,347 -4.8 Gloves and apparel 1,191,020 -3.5 749,913 5.5 Hose 589,504 -2.2 9,947 14.3
Bulgariaas household electricity prices expressed in purchasing power standards (PPS) are 8.2% lower than EU 27 average, according to Eurostat.
In a report published earlier this month, the Eurostat said the unemployment rate in the EU 27 and Euro zone reached 11 percent and 12.2 percent, respectively, by May.
According to the results, Cypriots are the first among the EU 27 who would like to know more about their rights as EU citizens.
TUNIS (TAP) - Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Khemaies Jhinaoui received, on Monday, a delegation of the European Union Council Mashrek/Maghreb Working Party including representatives of 24 countries among the EU 27 member countries.
She indicated that further Eu 27 billion were already in the pipeline and predicated an end to the present Greek economic meltdown on donors' goodwill and cooperation.