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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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PATTERSON: Hemimastix currently has no relevance to the early evolution of eukaryotic cells because there is no evidence to group it with amitochondriate organisms.
Like all eukaryotic cells, but unlike bacteria, this cell had a nucleus, the membrane-surrounded compartment that holds an organism's DNA.
Implications of organelle division machineries and organelle inheritance regarding the origin of eukaryotic cells
Electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) is an emerging technology capable of interrogating the morphology of eukaryotic cells in real-time.
The instructor will provide the learners with edible items that could match the shapes of eukaryotic cell parts.
The final destination requires an exploration of symbioses within Deep Time, leading to the conclusion that modern ecosystems may not provide the best reference point for eukaryotic cell evolution.
Here they develop and stabilize attachments to eukaryotic cell membranes.
While the endosymbiont theory is the best present answer to the question of eukaryotic cell origins, there is still widespread uncertainty regarding the identity of the original cell that hosted the initial endosymbiosis.
The subsequent stability of these eukaryotic cell lineages through geologic time, despite potential disruption from selection among cellular components, presents an evolutionary problem that deserves detailed attention.
Eukaryotic cell A cell with genetic material inside a well defined nucleus.
The result was the eukaryotic cell as we now know it.
A tetravalent protein vaccine candidate against a nosocomial bacterial infection that was based on toxins that were highly cytotoxic to higher eukaryotic cell types.