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Eulogium on the Life and Character of William Wilberforce.
As the Gazette noted: `This, as a national undertaking, will entitle our little community to the gratifying eulogium of a spirited exertion.
Eulogium, and Character than I am able to utter, his third Daughter
On 29 January 1808 (249) Thomas Johnes of Hafod sent Robert Anderson a copy of A Father's Memoirs of His Child by Benjamin Heath Malkin (1806), rather because the book contained "an eulogium of your humble servant" than for its account of Blake or Blake's frontispiece (engraved by Robert Hartley Cromek), for Johnes found Blake to be "verging on extravaganza.
told me one day as I was reading a Newspaper to him containing Eulogiums upon the late General Washington, which among other things ascribed to him the founding of the American Government to which Judge Ellsworth objected, saying President Washington's influence while in the Convention was not very great, at least not much as to the forming of the present Constitution of the United States in 1787, which Judge Ellsworth said was drawn by himself and five others, viz.
Near the conclusion of the proposal, publisher Archibald Bell declared, "But the publisher means not, in this advertisement, to deliver any particular eulogiums on the present publication; he rather desires to submit the striking beauties of its contents to the unbiased candour of the impartial Public" (Robinson 1984, 405).
Today's young audience will have to struggle with the 19-century language (habiliments, remonstrances, eulogiums, and all) and anyone might have trouble with the turns and twists of plot.
It is really inconceivable that a volume of poetry of such qualities, which has won lengthy eulogiums from the critics, should find so inconsiderable a sale.
The "Chief Justice" of a patently unjust tribunal speaks in "broken English," and the court "proceeded to pass the Sentence usual in Cases of High-Treason, having first made many Eulogiums on the Pope, the Roman Catholic Religion, and the King who was to support both, and be supported by them" (p.