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EUNUCH. A male whose organs of generation have been so far removed or disorganized, that he is rendered incapable of reproducing his species. Domat, Lois Civ. liv. prel. tit. 2, s. 1, n. 10.

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They have been hired because eunuchs are generally believed to be stubborn and not given to taking no for an answer.
Special Secretary Ministry of Law Justice and Human Rights, Justice (Retd) Muhammad Raza Khan, talking to reporter, said Muslim Personal Law Application Act 1935 is the only law which is still intact, despite slightly amended in 1962, and added its also ensure eunuchs rights.
It has been learnt that a music programme was arranged in Sodher village by Akramul Haq and the party of the eunuchs along with their musicians were invited to perform.
Yes we will fight and contest elections , because neither has Congress nor any other politician has done anything for the welfare of the eunuchs here; the people are our parents, we live because of the people and we will fight for them," she said.
The political parties should make the eunuch rights a part of their manifestoes and implement them in letter and spirit," Khan said.
But although the eunuchs could not father children biologically, they married, adopted and raised children, and generally lived lives very similar to their non-castrated peers.
They included information about eunuchs, who either lost their reproductive organs in accidents or underwent castration to gain early access to the palace.
Eunuchs in Korea, called naesi, enjoyed a special status as servants to the royal family and as bodyguards to the king and his harem.
The welcome of eunuchs into the faith community is not the issue on the frontier of the church's mission with sexual minorities of our day.
14 killed, 40 injured in fire at eunuch gathering in Indian capital
Khan said the registration of eunuchs are underway across the Sindh.
Bobby said that Rani and other eunuchs were tenants of Iqbal and lived in his plaza.