European Economic Community

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European Economic Community (EEC)

the third of the three foundation organizations of what is now the EUROPEAN UNION. Constituted by one of the Rome Treaties of March 1957, this community drove progress towards European integration. Its ‘common market’ was the source of attraction to Europe for the UK.
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Abbreviated (initial/final) Origin Examples Br- Britain/British Bremain, Brentry docu- documentary docudrama, docusoap, docu-opera e- electronic e-journal, e-publication, e-text eco- ecological eco-damage, eco-problem, eco-tragedy Euro- European Eurofashion, Euro-Japanese, Euromarket nega- negative negademand, negatrip, negawatt -ercise exercise boxercise, dancercise, sexercise -tainment entertainment docutainment, edutainment, infotainment -umentary documentary mockumentary, rockumentary, shockumentary -ware software courseware, freeware, shareware References
Early changes euromarket (bond market) * Government 1975 The large-scale flotation of bond market government bonds begins.
The London-based Shinsei International Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, will underwrite securitized products on the Euromarket and sell them to investors such as regional banks in Japan through Shinsei Securities Co., its brokerage arm.
This same principle is being adapted to the Internet, as illustrated in Euromarket Designs, Inc.
(153) The Committee voted in a number of amendments designed generally to ease regulation on small businesses and Euromarket transactions.
(104) Many of these companies began issuing bonds on the Euromarket, because in contrast to Japan's strict collateral rules and asset requirements enforced by the banks, the Euromarket had no collateral requirement, and its best credit ratings and cheapest financing went to firms with the strongest capital base or low debt-equity ratios.
Instead, in 1998, Crate & Barrel, incorporated as Euromarket Designs, turned to the deep pockets of Otto Versand, which is one of the world's largest privately held mail-order firms, to speed up its expansion, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The United States and Britain, by creating the Euromarket, undermined the Bretton Woods system, unilaterally offering mobile financial traders the ability to operate without regulation.
As far as international lending through the Euromarket is concerned, the available evidence points in the opposite direction: declining spreads over London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) for borrowers in Latin America, whose creditworthiness was certainly doubtful.
[i.sup.l] 1-month Euromarket interest rates, being period averages of working days, from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
The euromarket, for example, has relied on the support of states from its origins in the late 1950s.