European Central Bank

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European Central Bank (ECB)

an independent financial institution established in 1998 to define and implement monetary policy for members of the EUROPEAN UNION (EU) that have adopted the euro as their common currency. The ECB and the national central banks of EU Member States together constitute the European System of Central Banks. Although all EU members participate in the system, countries (e.g. UK, Denmark and Sweden) that do not use the euro have no official role in formulating monetary policy for the euro zone.
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Financial supervision by the European Central Bank would be incompatible with its independent status because another institution, the European Banking Authority, would be entitled to interfere with, and override, the decisions of the European Central Bank in several respects.
President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi faces a challenge to stimulate a weakening eurozone economy
The European Central Bank said it was making it cheaper for banks to get US dollar liquidity when they need it, starting next Monday.
The Bank of Japan and three European central banks will jointly provide dollar funds to their banking systems in coordination with the U.
According to the governor of Bank of Finland, Erkki Liikanen, there could be a rate increase by the European central bank in April, but there might not be a possibility of multiple rate increases because of global developments.
Accordingly, we support the recent decision of the European Central Bank, Babacan underlined.
And he warned that while the European Central Bank has introduced the Banknote Recycling Framework, Ireland was ill-prepared for the January 2011 deadline.
If the moderation in Germany fades then the European Central Bank clearly has a problem," Quaden said.
According to the latest BDO Business Trends report for the euro area, eurozone inflation edged up in January, and it is likely that the European Central Bank will continue to have some concerns about inflationary pressures.
A recent major competition for the new European Central Bank in Frankfurt provided an intriguing snapshot of current architectural preoccupations.
Svensson, NBER and Princeton University, was held on June 14-15 at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.
In surrendering their currencies for the euro, the peoples of Europe have unwittingly stepped inside a gilded cage and they will soon learn that the Eurocrats in Brussels and the bankers at the European Central Bank are very cruel masters.

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