European Coal and Steel Community

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European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)

the first of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, formed in 1951 as a result of the Treaty of Paris. It regulated the production of coal and steel among the Member States (who were then only six). Apart from the economic significance of these commodities, the common control and exchange of information involved made it ever less likely that France and Germany would go to war once again. The institutions merged with those of the EURATOM community and the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY itself as a result of the merger treaty. Then, as the ECSC was established for 50 years, it expired on 23 July 2002.
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Such an idea is not without its obstacles, Vannson explained, noting that any attempt at liquidation would have to negotiate the fact that some of the money remains tied up as security on loans arranged during the time of the European Coal and Steel Community, when the ECSC acted as guarantor to help businesses and other concerns borrow money off the financial markets.
diplomatic representation to the European coal and steel community. And I recognize, as I look around the room, several faces from Brussels who were there in November and who have followed this rolling celebration now to Washington, D.C.
Ms Gill told the youngsters that the European Union had begun as an effort to prevent further European wars by placing the coal and steel industries, the basis of any war effort, under common control in what was called the European Coal and Steel Community.
Flintshire chief executive Phil McGreevy has told Coun Armstrong-Braun that assistance to the industry is regulated by the European Union and the European Coal and Steel Community.
25 Kyodo Former Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama proposed Thursday the establishment of an "Asian energy community" for developing natural resources in Russia's Siberia, which would be similar to the prototype of the European Union -- the European Coal and Steel Community.
The movement to integrate the EC into a single market can be traced to 1951 when the European Coal and Steel Community was founded.
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