European Communities

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European Communities (EC)

the common term for the EUROPEAN COAL AND STEEL COMMUNITY (itself no longer in existence), EURATOM and the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. They share many common bodies and institutions. The Communities, having expanded beyond the scope of the original treaties, are now known as the EUROPEAN UNION as a result of the European Union Treaty. See COURT OF JUSTICE, COURT OF AUDITORS, COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE, COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, COREPER, EUROPEAN COUNCIL.
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(13.) The official response was a letter written on 30 January 1968 that stated: "The Embassy of the SFRY expresses its thankfulness to the Directorate General for External Relations of the Commission of the European Communities, and the government of the SFRY is honored by the offer to enter into official relations with the Communities"; see Commission of the European Communities, Second General Report on the Activities of the Communities in 1968, Brussels: Historical archives of EU institutions, 1968, 389.
They called on the international and European communities to act immediately to allow Ould Sidi Mouloud to join his family, safe and sound, in the camps of Tindouf in Algeria.
(5) Commission v Austria (Advisory Opinion of Advocate General Maduro); Commission of the European Communities v Kingdom of Sweden (Advisory Opinion of Advocate General Maduro) [2008], [29].
International Insurance Regulation: Current and Proposed Regulation Explained Synopsis: Designed for both the business and legal community, this reference book explains market trends and regulations in the European communities, United States, Bermuda and China, providing information on how regulation will impact an international business.
$3.3 million for "payment to the European Communities" with regard to the "music licensing dispute"
But the lower courts and the prosecuting authorities say they are under a duty to use metric in line with European regulations, as the UK signed up to the European Communities Act of 1972.
Following publication of the final directive in the Official Journal of the European Communities, each member state will be bound to comply by enacting national laws, regulations, and administrative provisions as it deems fit.
(ISBN 92-828-9325-1; European Communities, 2000 - Official European Communities' Publications Office, L-2985 Luxembourg)* Sustainable use of water: current situation, prospects and findings: Environmental Assessment Report No 7 published by the European Agency for the Environment.
Office for the Official Publications of the European Communities. "European Citizens and Electronic Information: The Memory of the Information Society." In Proceedings of the DLM Forum on Electronic Records, Brussels, 18-19 October 1999.
Following the partial renewal of its Members (see European Report No 2519 for further details), the Judges of the Court of Justice of the European Communities met on 10 October to elect from among their number the President of the Court for a period of three years.

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