European Consumer Centres Network

European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net)

a European Union service. It combines the former Euroguichets or ‘infocentres’ set up on the initiative of the Commission in various places, including London and Dublin, to provide assistance and advice to consumers on legislation and on case law at both European and national levels with European Extra-Judicial Network or ‘EEJ-Net’ which helped consumers to resolve their disputes through alternative dispute resolution schemes such as mediators or arbitrators. They aim to provide one-stop shops for citizens, providing consumers with a full service ranging from information on their rights to assistance with dispute resolution.
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There is also the European Consumer Centres Network, which will investigate any breaches of European contract law free of charge.
The ECC-Net: Travel App is a joint project supported by the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net).There is a European Consumer Centre in every EU member state as well as in Norway and Iceland offering free consumer help and advice.
Lastly, on enforcement of consumer rights and redress, MEPs ask the Commission to build on the best practices of member states, such as the Nordic ombudsman model, and to examine the possibility of giving the European Consumer Centres Network legal authority for settling consumer disputes.
The Icelandic Consumer Agency and the Norwegian Consumer Council belong to the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net), which provide information and support to the EU consumers.
The European Consumer Centres Network (co-financed by the EU) will necessarily be extended to all member states, plus Norway and Iceland, so that consumers can receive rapid compensation.
From the European consumer centres network, Edith Appelmans told the hearing "the biggest problem is enforcement".
The total estimated budget for this objective is Euro 4.2 million, including Euro 3.1 million for the European Consumer Centres network ("Euroguichets") and the information and assistance centres of the European extra-judicial network (EJE Net).

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