European Council

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European Council

a body both within and outside the EUROPEAN UNION. The European Council brings together the heads of state or of government of the Member States and the President of the Commission of the European Union. They are assisted by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and by a member of the Commission. It meets at least twice a year.

Quite the most curious body in the European Union, its origins lie in the time when the council of the European Union had given up voting by qualified majority and tried to seek unanimity. Decision-making became more difficult, and momentum was sought from the extra-Community Intergovernmental Conference of Heads of State or Government because the parties at this gathering were eligible to be members of the Council proper. As a result of a resolution of that body, in 1974 the parties agreed to meet three times a year and whenever necessary to constitute themselves as the Council. When they meet, the President and senior Vice-president of the Commission attend. In practice, it does keep to overall policy and tries to consider issues of development and policy and the clearing of log jams. Its success has been rewarded by recognition in the SINGLE EUROPEAN ACT. There are proposals to give it formal institutional status.

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The European Council calls on Iran and Russia to stop supporting the violence of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.
The contribution of the nations and leaders receiving world tourism and travel prizes is adjudged in line with ECTT guidelines for the inauguration of the registration period for World Tourism and Travel Awards started with the message of the European Council on Tourism and Trade President, who highlighted the potential of the world culture to transform and better our lives and the contribution of such public and cultural diplomacy initiatives to the dialogue between cultures, between generations, between the diplomatic community and civil society.
The European Council calls on the Council and the Commission to examine all means to achieve these goals.
The post President to participate in European Council in Brussels appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Strong and high level of condemnation messages were released from European Council following the blast.
In a written statement, Government Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides says the President contacted European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and EPP President Joseph Daul, to inform them of his health and his inability to attend the sessions.
In the past weeks, Van Rompuy said, he held extensive consultations, over the phone and in person, with all members of the European Council which is made up of the 28 EU leaders.
According to the Prime Minister, his talk with the President of the European Council also turned on the security situation in Tunisia.
Election how-to' guideThe Lamassoure report puts down in writing a request to all members of the European Council to announce "how they intend to respect the vote of their fellow citizens when proposing one or more candidates" for the Commission presidency, in line with Article 17.
Before entering into the European Council on 23 November, British Premier David Cameron clearly set the tone.
Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain had no duty to contribute to any possible Greek bailout and vowed to "fight very hard" to defend his stance at last week's European Council meeting.
Summary: Brussels - President of the European council Herman Van Rompuy lauded on Wednesday the reforms announced by HM King Mohammed VI.

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