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Moreover, the euro zone's institutions helped [the member states] benefit from the unified single market for the European currency and from bulk savings, when 15 years ago, this market was a dwarf in comparison to the U.
01 pence yesterday, its highest level since the European currency was introduced in 1999, sources said.
Official EU polling some months ago found that 93% of euro-zone citizens thought the European currency had "added to the increase of prices".
The unprecedented statement comes after months of press reports of rows between the Prime Minister and his Chancellor over the single European currency.
Now, the captive nations of Europe find themselves trapped in a bona fide emerging superstate, empowered by a single European currency and backed by an increasingly oppressive pan-European government complete with courts and lawmaking authority.
D A Owen & Co, in Clarendon Avenue, is acting as a collection point for anyone wishing to donate European currency.
Stability would be a benefit of joining a successful European currency," he added.
Although the dollar was quite strong as related to European currency, this didn't seem to be a deterrent for the foreign tourist.
Higher fuel costs will be a drag on earnings, along with a weakened European currency.
Having started the day by falling again, this time to below parity with the Dollar, the European currency then picked up rapidly following the publication of good German economic indicators.
Obuchi plans to exchange views with the European leaders on the unified European currency euro to be introduced Jan.
The value of the euro in relation to other currencies, including the dollar, will not be known until January 1, 1999, but it is likely to be near the value of the European currency unit (ECU), which is now about $1.

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