European Economic Community

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European Economic Community (EEC)

the third of the three foundation organizations of what is now the EUROPEAN UNION. Constituted by one of the Rome Treaties of March 1957, this community drove progress towards European integration. Its ‘common market’ was the source of attraction to Europe for the UK.
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94 of 29 January 2001, for approval of accounting regulations harmonized with Directive IV of the European Economic Community and the International Accounting Standards, published in the "Official Gazette" of Romania no.
Our future trading is global, patterns of exports and imports have changed and no doubt will continue to change and the logic of our entrance to the European Economic Community would be the formation of an international economic community.
However, the last time something like this happened was when Greenland pulled out of the European Economic Community in 1985.
Turkey, associate member of the European Economic Community since 1959, applied for full membership to the EEC in 1987 and was recognized as an EU candidate in 1999, undergoing many reforms along the way.
Releasing a message on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of Turkey's membership application to the European Economic Community (EEC), Turkish EU Minister & Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis said Turkey's EU story had commenced in 1959 with its application to the EEC.
He supports this argument by focusing on the establishment in the 1950s of the European Coal and Steel Community, the European Economic Community, and the European Defense Community, explaining both integration and resistance to integration as products of balance of power thinking.
In his keynote speech at a conference on AoWater Security in the Middle EastAo, in Montreaux, Switzerland, the Prince stressed the need for a regional Community of Water and Energy for the Human Environment, a supra-national concept, such as the coal and steel community out of which the European Economic Community grew
Then, in a smaller EU, like-minded countries, notably Germany and France, were able to stitch up many deals to reflect the historic compromise behind the former European Economic Community: Brussels subsidies for French food producers in return for German access to European markets for its industrial goods.
MPs voted to join the European Economic Community.: World news:Apollo 14 and 15 landed on the Moon.
Six members were founding members of the European Economic Community, which sought to create a "Common Market" in Europe that would allow the free passage of goods, services, capital and labor across national borders of each member with the same ease and consistency as would occur if they carried goods within a single state.
Even before the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates gave way to the era of floating currencies in 1973, the BIS had become an important platform for ever-closer cooperation and integration of monetary policy at the European Economic Community level.
Food & Drug Administration specifications and European Economic Community directives concerning the use of plastics in direct food contact.

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