European Investment Bank

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European Investment Bank (EIB)

the European Union's financial institution. Its shareholders are the Member States of the European Union. The bank is supervised by the Board of Governors, which comprises the Member State's Finance Ministers. It has legal personality and is financially independent. It provides long-term financing for practical projects, the economic, technical, environmental and financial viability of which is guaranteed. It grants loans. Outside the European Union the EIB supports the pre-accession strategies of the candidate countries. It manages the financial dimension of the agreements concluded under European development aid and cooperation policies.
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He listed a number of projects that are ongoing or under preparation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and RS that are supported by the European Investment Bank, primarily in the field of infrastructure, including the construction of road communications, healthcare centers and support to small and medium-sized enterprises.
Ericcson has announced it has been granted an EUR 250 million credit facility from The European Investment Bank, the company said.
New Delhi [India], Dec 20 ( ANI ): Expansion of renewable energy power generation across India will be supported by a new USD 400-million joint initiative backed by the European Investment Bank and YES BANK, whereby the latter will manage the new co-financing programme for the construction of new solar power plants and wind farms across the country.
The 100 million euros that the Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion received, according to the European Investment Bank, helped this national bank lend money to local banks across Macedonia thus providing financial support to 44 small and medium-sized enterprises and four large companies in the country.
The new European Investment Bank's loan is first ever support for water investment in Sri Lanka and the first loan for public sector investment agreed with the new post civil-war government.
"The European Investment Bank has a strong track record in supporting crucial investment programmes across Africa and around the world.
The investment at Gestamp Tallent is the latest boost to the region from the European Investment Bank (EIB), which has also supported Nissan, Hitachi Rail and Newcastle University in recent years.
The project with an estimated cost of 240 million Euros is being jointly funded by the European Investment Bank, the German Development Bank (KfW) and the Government of Pakistan.
The European Investment Bank and KfW are providing 100 million Euros and 97 million Euros respectively for construction of the project.
The European Investment Bank has welcomed the inauguration of the N$2.5 billion Ohorongo cement plant near Otavi.
Summary: he European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Union's financing arm, will provide a e1/4185-million loan to Tunisia for an electricity project, it said on Tuesday.

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