European Union

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European Union (EU)

the economic and political grouping that came into effect in 1993 and resulted from the European Union Treaty, an important treaty signed at Maastricht on 7 February 1992. It amended the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (EEC) Treaty, indeed, renaming it the European Community. Thus the present legal structure is called the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES or the European Union.
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equipment and leather products while the European Union exports to Pakistan amounting to $3.
Delegations further noted that the meeting was a sign of the collaboration between the Committee and the European Union, and in this regards, looked forward to working with the European Union in connection with future requests for exemptions to the arms embargo.
As Russia pertains be the major supplier of Europes energy fuels, the ongoing energy crisis and conflicts in parts of the former Soviet Union has adversely affected the whole Europe and other European Union member states.
The European Union has yet to succeed in this effort.
The president of the European Commission said that the European Union was a democratic structure and it had to take into consideration all its members.
Industrial production at European Union, which comprises the euro zone and 11 other European countries, rose 0.
Markets such as China, India, Japan, the United States and the European Union each have a different legal, regulatory, social and economic framework that business executives must understand in order to do well in each of these markets.
The United States has reassured the European Union that it will continue to apply safeguards on the use of air passenger data until the two sides conclude a new agreement, an EU spokesman said on Wednesday.
This map is a conceptualization of the Super Highways now underway to connect the United Stales, Canada, and Mexico to help bring about the creation of a North American Union similar to the European Union.
One possible effect, he said, would be to suggest the attractiveness of the European Union as a place in which reinsurers from other regions might write business.
These reports are then submitted on a quarterly basis to the VIES, the administrative body that facilitates the exchange of VAT data between all the tax administrations in the European Union.
When North America, the European Union and Japan are combined, the average content will be 279 lb.

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