European Union

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European Union (EU)

the economic and political grouping that came into effect in 1993 and resulted from the European Union Treaty, an important treaty signed at Maastricht on 7 February 1992. It amended the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (EEC) Treaty, indeed, renaming it the European Community. Thus the present legal structure is called the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES or the European Union.
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She moved to another East European country when she was 10.
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"Next September will be a heated month if the Palestinian Authority supported by Hamas insists on heading to the United Nations General Assembly," Khalil Fleyhan, AN NAHAR's diplomatic correspondent reported on Monday according to information obtained by an unnamed European country. The unnamed country said that Israel "is planning to wage a war on both Lebanese and Palestinian fronts and even on the Syrian front if protests broke out again in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights just like what happened on May 15 and June 5." Fleyhan said that this European country has a large contingent in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and is concerned about the security of its officials and soldiers.
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