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dollar, the European euro, and, to a lesser extent, the Japanese yen.
dollar (USD) along with valuations for 13 cross currency basis swap pairs against the European euro (EUR).
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday, Metrobank said its board had approved the establishment of a medium-term note (MTN) program worth up to $2 billion or its equivalent in other currencies, including without limitation US dollars, Philippine peso, Australian dollar, European euro, Japanese yen, British pound or Chinese yuan.
Beijing is the only Chinese city to have already implemented the "fifth-phase" standard, equal to the European Euro V vehicle emissions limit of sulphur content below 10 ppm.
Though the rupee significantly lost value last year in the midst of political and economic turmoil, its rate of exchange against major currencies, notably the US dollar, the British pound and the European Euro, has remained largely unchanged during the past few months.
The engines will meet European Euro III environmental standards, which will be imposed in South Korea from 2004, according to a spokesman for the Stuttgart-based group.

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