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Single European Act (SEA)

a foundation treaty in the law of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES. It became effective as at 1 July 1987 and provided for a timetable for the completion of the free market, an extension of the use of qualified majority voting and foreshadowed the existence of a treaty on economic and monetary union. It also made provision for inclusion in the Communities' treaties of sections dealing with the environment and economic and social cohesion. It also provided for the EUROPEAN COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE and formally recognized the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and the COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.
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The DCFTA covers three trade areas established between the EU, and Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, granting each country access to the European Single Market in selected sectors.
Labour now supports a second Brexit poll but has not given up hope on a plan that would involve the UK staying closely aligned with the European single market and customs union.
This means around PS6 billion of third-party assets and up to PS7 billion of liabilities will be transferred in the event of an "immediate loss of access to the European single market".
In a scenario where there is an expectation of an immediate loss of access to the European Single Market up to circa GBP 6bn equivalent of third party assets and up to circa GBP7B equivalent of third party liabilities are expected to transfer from NatWest Markets Plc to NatWest Markets N.V.
This law promotes the maintenance of competition within the European Single Market by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies to ensure that they do not create cartels and monopolies that would damage the interests of society.The TurkStream, consisting two lines, will have a total capacity of 31.5 billion cubic meters.Turkey will receive 15.75 bcm of the gas while the remaining capacity will be sent to Europe.
As part of the European Single Market, Welsh workers are given some protection against excessive hours, discrimination and attacks on their terms and conditions if their jobs are contracted out.
He said: "The Airbus chief executive officer has warned that the company could leave the UK if it exits the European single market and customs union."
Scottish boats sell their catch into the European single market and need that to remain open.
For a start, airfares could rise 40 per cent if we go out of the European Single Market - which has driven down prices for EU members - the British Travel Association says.
The EEA allows for the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital within the European single market.
In a late-night statement from Downing Street, the Prime Minister caved in to her extremists, announcing "categorically" that the UK will leave the EU, the European Single Market and the Customs Union in March 2019.

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