Single European Act

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Single European Act (SEA)

a foundation treaty in the law of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES. It became effective as at 1 July 1987 and provided for a timetable for the completion of the free market, an extension of the use of qualified majority voting and foreshadowed the existence of a treaty on economic and monetary union. It also made provision for inclusion in the Communities' treaties of sections dealing with the environment and economic and social cohesion. It also provided for the EUROPEAN COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE and formally recognized the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and the COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.
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I've listened hard to economic experts and trade union leaders and I'm utterly convinced that we must fight to stay in the European single market, and in so doing, limit the damage that Brexit will cause.
Labour's split over Brexit has deepened with the formation of a splinter group who want to keep Britain in the European single market.
ASSEMBLY Members at the Senedd voted to support the UK's continued participation in the European Single Market and in a customs union with the EU.
In a late-night statement from Downing Street, the Prime Minister caved in to her extremists, announcing "categorically" that the UK will leave the EU, the European Single Market and the Customs Union in March 2019.
The Paisley and Renfrewshire North representative said:"The best way to protect the economy and jobs in Renfrewshire is to ensure that Scotland remains within the European Single Market and Customs Union.
Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Sunday there was a "golden opportunity" to argue for Britain to remain in the European single market after Brexit, as no-one had yet demonstrated the benefit of loosening trade ties with the EU.
Conservatives opposed to a cliff-edge Brexit said the prime minister's policy of "continued regulatory alignment" was the basis for a Norway-style trade deal within the European single market of 500mn customers.
NORTH East Labour politicians have urged leader Jeremy Corbyn to back staying in the European Single Market even after Brexit.
In her first public comment on Mr Johnson's intervention, Mrs May insisted that the Government was united behind the principles she set out at Lancaster House earlier this year, when she said Britain was leaving the European single market and customs union and seeking a new "deep and special partnership" with the EU.
When push comes to shove on Brexit, Conservative MPs who view quitting the European single market and customs union as unmitigated disasters will sacrifice other people's jobs to save their own.
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond has been accused of caving in to hard-line Cabinet Brexiteers, after accepting Britain will withdraw from the European single market and the Customs union when it leaves the EU in 20 months' time.

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