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The Council of Chalcedon (451) countered the position of Eutyches, and professed one and the same Christ in two natures (en duo physesin), divine and human, coming together in one person (prosopon) or subsistence (hypostasin).
It seems that Nerses agreed to speak about the Chyrilian formula against Nestorius and about "two natures" against Eutyches.
At one extreme, we have certain theorists of the corrective justice school who, in an argument that would have been worthy of Eutyches, (11) declare that tort is wholly private, and that to impute even a semblance of public character to it violates its integrity and renders it incoherent.
Eutychianism is that Christological heresy, named after, if not actually advocated by, the monk Eutyches (c.
When the devil saw that the pope (his ally) could not stop Luther, he himself stirred up new interest in old heresies of Berengar, Nestorius, Eutyches, and Arius.
In the midst of these struggles- political, ecclesiastical, and personal-the concern to preserve orthodoxy resulted in the condemnation of various participants (Apollinarius in 381, Nestorius in 431, Eutyches in 451) who heretofore had been earnest and sincere Christians.
The followers of Eutyches, by contrast, rejected the separation and collapsed the human into the divine.
On the side of the Alexandrines the most explicit deviation was the teaching of Eutyches, who spoke about the total absorption of Christ's humanity by his divinity; as if there were two natures before the incarnation, and one nature afterwards.