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Hereafter we will present the relationship between mentioned activity evaluation methods and knowledge split ways.
Evaluating the usability of IDS is challenging even though many usability evaluation methods are available like in laboratory experiments may have little validity due to the complexity of real-world security problems and the need to situate a specific tool within a larger context (Jaferian and Hawkey 2014).
Approved solution: evaluation methods, alternative solutions, evaluation criteria, decision matrix.
Table 1 shows the results of applying data set 1, 2, and 3 and three evaluation methods to the 'graph 1' and Table 2 shows the results of applying four data sets and three evaluation methods to the 'graph 2'.
Usability evaluation methods are used for identifying usability problems and improving the usability of an interface design.
Although the ASCA National Model (2003) reinforces the importance of evaluation and accountability practices, school counselors generally have expressed little interest in, or experience with, program evaluation methods (Schmidt, 1995).
In addition to establishing its evaluation methods, it has verified compatibility between products of participating members.
Students were presented with various methods of learning and evaluation methods as well as with deadlines and performance standards.
Part One looks at ways of analysing and predicting shelf-life, including the key role of the glass transition in microbial stability, the use of predictive modelling, sensory evaluation methods, accelerated shelf-life tests and the use of advanced instrumental methods to analyse what determines shelf-life.
PIPA also is said to accurately determine the remaining life of various materials and is described as being more precise than any other nondestructive evaluation technology on the market, including radiography, eddy current, ultrasonic, or other nondestructive evaluation methods.
He estimates that the standard is 18 months from completion, at which time its requirements and evaluation methods for election voting equipment could be incorporated into the VSS.
In the long run, specific information related to a particular business combination likely will be better for investors, once they've gone through the learning curve on evaluating the new rules on acquired intangibles, sifting through new disclosure requirements and changing old evaluation methods.

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