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The chairman noted that the EFSA is not supposed to intervene in the details of the financial evaluation rules, but that it seeks to ensure that proper evaluation methods are being used.
The report on evaluation methods developed as part of the FHWA project offers information to traffic engineering practitioners on how to conduct an evaluation of traffic control devices for roadways used by pedestrians and bicyclists.
Inputs: evaluation criteria, alternative solutions, evaluation methods.
One chapter is devoted to raw materials for making soap, and one chapter covers soap bar performance evaluation methods.
Since the purpose of e-learning systems is not only to interact, but also to support knowledge dissemination and acquisition, traditional usability design guidelines and usability evaluation methods (UEMs) established in the HCI field are not sufficient in the e-learning context (Granic, 2008; Hornbak, 2006; Zaharias, 2006).
It builds on previous research by Trochim's team that developed evaluation methods and systems for more than 40 education projects at nine pilot sites.
An outside research and statistical data company, under the guidance of Training magazine, developed the Top 125 list by scoring companies based on quantitative and qualitative data supplied by applicants, including best training practices, evaluation methods and outstanding training initiatives.
Stephanie Shipman, PhD, is assistant director of the Center for Evaluation Methods and Issues at the U.
The approach entailed the iterative use of a combination of participatory community evaluation methods and more formal modeling and geographic information system techniques.
Items to be specified in the next step of legislation include precise definitions and lists of "Electrical and Electronic Equipment"; "Automobile," and "Hazardous Substances" and their threshold limits, and a Mandatory Annual Recycling Objective for Automobiles, along with evaluation methods.
Evaluation methods include endoscopic, microbiologic, hematologic, immunologic, and radiologic investigations.
Qualitative research and evaluation methods (3rd ed.

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