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It should be noted that the slab is illuminated with an adjacent source that has a wide range of spatial frequency components, including propagating and evanescent waves, exemplifying the potential influence of non-local effects and spatial dispersion (e.
These evanescent waves approach the higher order evanescent wave of the exact solution or the MoM in the larger frequency region.
Evanescent wave sensors, in general, require that their refractive index be larger than the refractive index of the surrounding medium.
When the cladding is replaced by an absorbing media, the transmitted power is reduced and the intensity of evanescent wave is decreased.
Contract notice: Acquisition station and confocal videomicroscopy evanescent wave to inserm u823 (la tronche, isere, france)
The internal reflectance creates an evanescent wave that extends beyond the surface of the crystal into the sample held in contact with the crystal.
g], the evanescent wave excited at port 3 and port 4 will significantly disturb the electric boundary, hence, the center pins used to match the S-Matrix for a Turnstile polarizer becomes mismatched, as illustrated the S parameters in Fig.
Since the depth of the evanescent wave is about 1 [[micro]meter], the technique can be used with very small sample volumes, samples exhibiting extremely high infrared absorption, and films.
We consider the evanescent wave transfer of the EM field scattered by an object containing subwavelength-scale details placed in front of such a planar superlens.