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He would eagerly look out for the evening papers in the hope of seeing it among the articles found.
I see you've got an evening paper; one of those enterprising evening papers that come out in the morning.
No doubt the object of our journey was to catch him in the very act, and I could not but admire the cunning with which my friend had inserted a wrong clue in the evening paper, so as to give the fellow the idea that he could continue his scheme with impunity.
I must try and make something of it," said he, "though I have no doubt that the first editions of the evening papers are out already with full details.
Yes, sir, I have already read the account in the evening papers.
She left them, and, since for a minute or two there was no one to attend to, sat down and looked at the evening paper which a customer had left behind him.
The early editions of the evening papers had startled London with enormous headlines:
For instance, my Heidelberg daily was always twenty-four hours old when it arrived at the hotel; but one of my Munich evening papers used to come a full twenty-four hours before it was due.
After a short conference with his brokers, he proceeded to his hotel, on the way picking up the evening papers and glancing at the head-lines.
After Shabbos, my father would get an evening paper from him, for which he'd pay later in the week.
Liverpool cancelled today's planned meeting with the player and representative Aidy Ward after the story appeared in an evening paper.
Two small Mississippi newspapers -- a six-day, 5130-circulation evening paper and a 1900-circulation weekly -- were sold by family owners last week to Boone Newspapers Inc.