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There's no reason for the senior partner to renew the term if the evening paper isn't adding anything to the franchise," he says.
Unlike the most recent shuttering of an evening paper, also in Indiana, the survivor will not undergo a name change.
Most of the 14 remaining agreements operate a morning and evening paper, and -- the trend is clear -- evening papers are rapidly dwindling.
Taiwan Vice President Lien Chan will visit Costa Rica to attend the inauguration of that country's new president in May, a Taiwan evening paper reported Wednesday.
Liverpool cancelled today's planned meeting with the player and representative Aidy Ward after the story appeared in an evening paper.
Shaanxi TV, HKSTV, Chongqing Evening Paper, and the City Paper.
Two small Mississippi newspapers -- a six-day, 5130-circulation evening paper and a 1900-circulation weekly -- were sold by family owners last week to Boone Newspapers Inc.
The Pall Mall Gazette was an upmarket evening paper, then edited by John Morley, who was to become Gladstone's biographer, and when Stead took over he radically altered its approach to reporting.
That's fascinating," I told her while glancing at the evening paper.
Your first inkling was a picture of a bloke in the evening paper with a dodgy haircut, standing with a cheesy grin.
I got home, picked up my evening paper and what did I read - Ladbrokes reporting a slip in profits in the halfyear to June but saying demand from UK punters was relatively resilient, despite the squeeze on consumer budgets.