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If causality is understood as emergent, those concerned with drug effects might develop a sharper and more active grasp on how certain harms and pleasures take shape and change their form--that is, on how different objects, practices, and effects emerge through specific processes of eventuation with a range of concrete impacts.
Informed by William Connolly's characterization of immanent naturalism, in this article I have argued that emergent causality cuts across--or mutually implicates--the realms of nature and culture, and that attending to the indeterminacy that is implicit in processes of eventuation is both critical and important for all health researchers.
What is crucial for Lezra's purposes is Lucretius's positing of an uncaused "swerve" (declinatio, clinamen) from which everything eventuates, and which institutes eventuation as such in an otherwise eventless cosmic void.
According to Lezra, Lucretius's atomistic "thinking" of the eventuation of the subject possessed of free will is culturally, philosophically and scientifically irrepressible, yet always unthinkable (or "unspeakable").
Together with synthesis, syndesis constitutes the totality of those modes in which the human consciousness apprehends and enacts the world and the self - through a process of opposition and eventuation (synthesis) on the one hand, and through a process of accretion (syndesis) on the other.
95, (May 1982), that, as contemporaries believed, after every war in the eighteenth century the amounts of theft did increase dramatically, thus delineating a clear relationship between historical eventuation and indictment levels.
The first and most crucial distinction here is that between two sorts of occurrences, mere events and eventuations.
Eventuations, by contrast, are not parts of nature's processuality but terminating points within it.