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could combine it with a You could combine it with a drinking game and take a sip every time you cross off a square.
I guess it's a good thing because every time I just step on the court I really just want to bring the energy and motivate everybody,' said Ricafort Saturday at Mall of Asia Arena.
I'm not even a good skateboarder, as much as I am a fan, and I'll never have the technical skills to be a pro skater, but every time I push off on my Shorty's Muska deck, in some fresh-ass Vans Sk8-Hi's, I know that nothing on Earth can duplicate how I feel.
Take a sip every time an announcer mentions the controversy.
Post-dialysis, dizziness was present every time in 25(16.
When asked why she takes on these challenges, why she stays the course, Vesper explains, "For every time a kid has been called a faggot, for every time a boy who is gay got beaten up by a group of other boys, for every time a girl has been called a dyke, for every time an LGBT person was fired from work because of sexual orientation or gender identity, for every time a loving same-sex couple was told no when applying for a marriage license.
This recipe is foolproof and will deliver perfect rice each and every time.
You're the Girl Every time I hold you in my arms and look into your angel blue eyes My heart beats like a drum And every time we make love under the golden sun My happy spirit flies high into the sky For you're the girl, the only girl in the world Who can make my life worth living For every time we make love beneath the star lit skies My happy heart would beat to a faster rhythm Your love was so warm and tender Your love was so soft but strong And it was your tender love that gave me the strength To carry on DONALD JOHN TYE, Wallsend.
Every time the wealthy comic goes on stage, there will be people in the audience earning less than him but paying more tax.
Every time we put petrol in our car, every time we go to a store and buy consumer durables or clothing, a lot of which is imported, every time we travel overseas we are benefiting from the high exchange rate, and indeed as consumers the exchange rate is one of the devices that is imparting to us the higher wealth that the mining boom brings.
Every time I have seen him play for England he has scored at least one goal.
Summary: DUBAI - The National Bank of Abu Dhabi, or NBAD, the Number One Bank in the UAE, has launched an exciting promotion to offer MasterCard credit cardholders "buy one, get one" free ticket to movies every time they use their NBAD MasterCard cards at Cine Royal Cinema.