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Over the past decade, the adoption of evidence-based medicine has been a major factor in improving healthcare -- and patient outcomes -- worldwide" said Scott Grillo, Vice President and Group Publisher of the Professional Group at McGraw-Hill Education.
Personalizing the evidence to fit a specific patient's circumstances is a key area for development in evidence-based medicine.
In a sense, evidence-based medicine has been a victim of its own success, having fueled an exponential increase in research trials in the 20 years since it began.
A conference dedicated to integration of evidence-based medicine (EBM) into health care system and medical education of Tajikistan was held in Dushanbe, the press service of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare reported.
The CMIO Leadership Forum is designed to foster innovation in evidence-based medicine and promote sharing of evidence-based medicine best practices.
But the question mark remains over what will happen to that admittedly small group of patients who no longer respond to those evidence-based medicines.
Evidence-based medicine saves us time by allowing us to read systematic reviews and meta-analyses in a specific area and helps us in the decision-making process.
Initially, the training on evidence-based medicine involved physicians and residents, and was since extended to include interns and the present batch of pharmacists.
The status of evidence-based medicine education in urology residency.
Efforts to achieve consensus on EBM have emerged from groups as diverse as the IOM Evidence-Based Medicine Roundtable and the Evidence-Based Practice Initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as well as international programs such as the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, the Evidence-based Medicine Working Group and the American Health Information Community (AHIC).
By way of a commonly cited definition, evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the "conscientious and explicit use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patient.
So this is how evidence-based medicine (EBM) is introduced.

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