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Evidence-based medicine has been hijacked: A report to David Sackett.
Martin Shen added that Trusted Doctors has created a platform for online communication and collaboration among doctors as well as between doctors and their patients: "Both UpToDate Clinical Consultant and MCDEX are leading clinical knowledge resources built on evidence-based medicine.
Personalizing the evidence to fit a specific patient's circumstances is a key area for development in evidence-based medicine.
In a sense, evidence-based medicine has been a victim of its own success, having fueled an exponential increase in research trials in the 20 years since it began.
Extended evaluation of a longitudinal medical school evidence-based medicine curriculum.
Evidence-based medicine is defined as "the use of mathematical estimates of the risk of benefit and harm, derived from high-quality research on population samples, to inform clinical decision-making in the diagnosis, investigation or management of individual patients.
Tudiver F, Rose D, Banks B, Pfortmiller D: Reliability and validity of testing an evidence-based medicine OSCE station.
But the question mark remains over what will happen to that admittedly small group of patients who no longer respond to those evidence-based medicines.
Evidence-based medicine saves us time by allowing us to read systematic reviews and meta-analyses in a specific area and helps us in the decision-making process.
Meza and Passerman have written a timely, widely relevant work which is both accessible to readers who are new to narrative and evidence-based medicine and worthwhile for those familiar with the fields.
Adapted from resources developed at the UK's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, the guide summarizes the key elements of practicing evidence-based medicine, focusing on diagnostic studies and research questions.
Evidence-based medicine consists in using the best available evidence gained from scientific methods and research in clinical decision making.

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