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The grammaticalization of a nominative participle into a marker of evidentiality is not an exceptional development in Finnic--in the Voru and Setu dialects of South Estonian, for instance, the nominative form ending in -v of the present participle has become a marker of reported evidentiality.
Typological linguistics considers a reference to the source of information the most important property of the evidentiality category (Aikhenvald 2004).
Biber, Douglas--Susan Conrad--Randi Reppen 1998 "Styles of stance in English: Lexical and grammatical marking of evidentiality and affect", Text 9: 93-125.
articles in Chafe and Nichols 1986), evidentiality constitutes a fully grammaticized morphosyntactic category, which is obligatorily marked in certain contexts.
of Hanover, Germany) emphasize a distinction between evidentiality as a conceptual domain and evidentiality as a grammatical category in their introduction to nine papers examining realizations of evidentiality in European languages.
Laitinen, the source of quotative evidentiality is the non-implicative interpretation of pidi (Laitinen 1992 : 258- 259).
I wouldn't look for'm to show up if I was you) and evidentiality (especially negative forms of evidentiality as in I don't believe I've ever known one) as mitigating devices to hedge assertions.
The questionnaire studies are problematic because they do not assess authenticity or evidentiality.
Evidentiality in German; linguistic realization and regularities in grammaticalization.
In more theoretical terms, a modal auxiliary is just a raising verb that expresses a modal notion such as necessity, possibility or evidentiality.
Our account of well is based on Bakhtin's notion of heteroglossia as it is integrated within the systems of modality and evidentiality (White 1999, 2000).
Regarding parapsychological experiences, we may also study the experiences themselves so as to categorize them according to their evidentiality and authenticity.