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Her most significant publications tackle the issues of cohesion, evidentiality and evaluation in written English by native and non-native writers, both expert and novice, including from a gender perspective.
While this general characteristic raises little doubt, there are a number of problematic issues in the area, such as the distinction between epistemic modality and evidentiality (cf, e.g., Cornillie 2009; Portner 2009: 167-172).
Secondly, the author considers the level of certainty which speakers attribute to statements and evidentiality referring to "the nature of the evidence supporting a proposition" (112).
158), frustrative "in vain" marking, and systems of evidentiality, whereby speakers are required to specify their source of information when making a statement about a state of affairs.
Dahl's "Evidence for Evidentiality in Late Vedic" continues the author's earlier work on time, tense, and aspect in Vedic.
There are further connections between adverbial elatives and other constructions and expressions, such as superlatives, exclamatives, qualitative attributive constructions, and expressions of evidentiality, all of which are exemplified in (4), but such connections will not be explored here due to space limitations.
English Modality: Core, Periphery and Evidentiality
"Among the Wakashan Indians of the Pacific Northwest, a grammatically correct sentence can't be formed without providing what linguists refer to as 'evidentiality,' inflecting the verb to indicate whether you are speaking from direct experience, inference, conjecture, or hearsay."
In encompasses aspects of grammar which, in other contexts, have been grouped variously under headings such as modality, hedging, evidentiality, attitude and stance.