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Linguistics scholars based in Europe and the UK, the US, and Australia address various facets of core modality, peripheral modality, and evidentiality and modality in discourse.
In this case, we have linked the use ya ay/ya ez verdad with the pragmatic values of evidentiality in Turkish to emphasize the truth of a proposition.
A cross-linguistic survey of the grammaticalization of evidentiality.
Accounting for argument selection in dative alternation using the notion of evidentiality or stance-taking may seem promising; however, it is challenging to empirically prove that a clitic marks such notions.
Archival practices, along with staff skills and preservation, is the factor most likely to directly impact on the physical integrity and evidentiality of the records and therefore their ability to fulfil their role in collective memory.
Bhujel licenses a binary contrast in grammaticalized evidentiality: direct evidentiality (directly experienced) and indirect evidentiality (indirect evidence) in Bhujel.
In particular, the relation of these categories identified in Kohistani Shina to categories like evidentiality and indirectivity identified in other languages of the northern mountain areas including the Hindu Kush and Karakorams, including Kalasha and Khowar (Bashir 1988a, 1988b, 2007), begs for exploration.
This research has become a heavily populated area of research in recent years and has been conducted under various labels, including evaluation (Hunston 1994, Hunston and Thompson 2000), intensity (Labov 1984), affect (Ochs 1989), evidentiality (Chafe and Nichols 1986), hedging (Hyland 1998), appraisal (Martin, 2000), and stance (Biber and Finegan, 1989; Conrad and Biber 2000).
Evidentiality, the linguistic coding of Epistemology, Norwood, N.
Evidentiality and morality in Korean heritage language school.
13) notes that most of the linguistic resources that he includes in this subsystem of ENGAGEMENT overlap "substantially" with those included in other approaches to the grammar of interpersonal relations such as truth functional approaches to modality (Lyons, 1977), evidentiality (Chafe, 1986), and hedging (Lakoff, 1972).