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Or described as a terrorist and a Christian Evil Doer.
While I am very much in favour of forgiveness and rehabilitation for all sinners, I do feel that the pendulum has been allowed to swing too far in the wrong direction and that the evil doers get more help, in every way, than their victims.
I request the virtuous people of the world that they should not only depend upon their prayers to save themselves from the Divine Punishment; rather they should lead the Evil Doers and followers of Satan who have gone astray, to the right path.
I feel Sherlock Holmes, Rumpole of the Bailey, Miss Marple and Inspector Morse would make a better job of pursuing these evil doers at present.
MAUREEN Messent said we should forgive all evil doers because on the cross Jesus asked for his killers to be forgiven.
Harry is now in his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when he is once again called upon to battle against evil doers bent upon his distruction.
Plus, their T-shirts are really cute: Our favorites include jersey tees emblazoned with team names like Axis of Evil Doers, Family Devaluers and Environmental Destroyers.