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This is a modern fairy tale, where two girls assisted by fairies and other magical folk fight a world of magical evil doers to protect the kingdom in the hedge.
The Americans could teach our judiciary a lesson in punishments with their boot camps and hard labour road-working gangs which have proved beyond doubt that reoffending is a rare occurrence in the US compared with the kid-glove treatment of evil doers in this country.
When we asked Keiser for his comments towards all this new found fame he replied, "If the regulators are not going to punish these evil doers than the public has to take matters into their own hands and historically this has meant decapitation.
Our deep sympathy to all those who have suffered from the hands of evil doers.
But we also know this: FBI agents were actively monitoring at least three "incidents" by Muslim Evil Doers with whom this New Mexico native was in contact:
He called upon every police official to make it their motto to defend every aggrieved person by crushing the evil doers and struggling hard for provision of justice to the citizens.