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Augustine highlights a quantitative difference between evil people and the rest of us, not a qualitative one.
But in doing so, is it inadvertently giving him a platform and other evil people a focus?
Some evil people wanted to spread chaos in the kingdom yesterday and called for demonstrations that have dishonorable goals," said the veteran security chief, whose ministry warned last week that protests were un-Islamic and illegal.
Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] and all these evil people should perish from this world," said Ovadia.
He said he absolutely condemned the actions of the terrorists, saying it was a despicable and evil act carried out by despicable and evil people.
How many more children have to die with evil people receiving such a pathetic prison sentence?
Mohammad-Javad Larijani (photo), secretary general of Iran's Supreme Council for Human Rights, told the UN members that all was hunky-dory in Iran while its foreign critics were the real evil people.
The world is full of evil people, but when will we wake up and realise that violence won't stop violence and killing won't stop killing?
That's sophism by evil people wanting to break up unity between the two Koreas,'' Hyon Hak Bong, deputy director of the North's Foreign Ministry's U.
Snowy weather presents challenges, and they must deal with bandits and other evil people as well before finding a just lord at last.
During questioning she tells the police that she is a member of a secret organisation called 'Bad Monkeys' whose purpose is to rid the world of especially evil people.
Mr Green said most of the refugees were being transported by commercial people-traffickers, whom he described as "some of the most evil people in the world".